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Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL Counseling

Substance Abuse Park Ridge, IL Counseling

If you or someone close to you is in need of a Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL help for legal purposes such as a possession charge, a domestic violence offense, underage consumption of alcohol or other circumstances, the trained staff of therapists at Bellosa Counseling is here to help prepare your evaluation. Our therapists can get in touch directly with social services departments and probation officers to ensure that the Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL evaluations you’ll need are concluded and ready before your next court date.

A Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL evaluation is basically used for identifying the presence and degree of an offender’s drug or alcohol problem. An evaluation also enables the development of an effective treatment strategy that will address the patient’s particular circumstances.

When a motorist is arrested for DUI in Illinois, the court system will most likely require that offender to have a substance abuse evaluation some time during the legal proceedings. The substance abuse evaluation may have an influence on how a judge decides sentencing and can at times decrease, eliminate or even increase penalties that apply to the case.

A legally mandated Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL evaluation normally includes a thorough interview with one of our experienced therapists. The therapists also reviews the offender’s substance abuse, criminal record (if any), driving record and the reports made by the arresting officer. In some cases the offender must provide a urine sample for drug and alcohol as well. Based upon the interview with a therapist, supporting documentation and outcome of the urinalysis, the therapist will normally issue a recommendation for a particular treatment plan.

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