Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL

Panic is the most severe form of anxiety. Panic may involve feelings of fear, distress, loss of control, shortness of breath or irrational behavior. It’s often the reaction to a perceived hazard such as a natural disaster or the chances of an airplane crashing. Panic can on occasion lead to panic attacks. A panic disorder is generally characterized by the worry of having a panic attack – particularly in a public place. Those who experience recurrent panic attacks are likely candidates for help through Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL.

Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL

Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL – Treating Panic Disorder at Bellosa Counseling

Anyone who finds that their activities are becoming more and more restricted by fear of having a panic attack can benefit from meeting with our experienced mental health professionals to address the problem. There are different forms of therapy that are appropriate for addressing anxiety and its many base issues. Cognitive behavioral therapies, for instance, can help the client understand the nature of panic and what causes it. Once those issues are discussed and identified, new behaviors can help protect against attacks and decrease their intensity.

A therapist may also recommend exposure therapy, where the client is exposed to the particular sensations that accompany panic in a controlled setting. This allows discovery of effective ways to cope. For example, someone struggling with agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) would be encouraged to face open spaces until they start to feel more comfortable in them. Support Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL groups may also be a helpful option as well.

Anti-anxiety medications may be useful as a part of treatment for panic attacks. But because prescription medication cannot address what is causing the panic, most Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL professionals usually do not advise medication as the sole form of treatment.

Understanding Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL

A panic attack usually happens abruptly. Although it may be precipitated by overpowering stress, a panic attack is unpredictable. They typically last for about five to 30 minutes and may happen rarely or as frequently as many times every day. Attacks frequently have an apparent trigger such as a distressing event, a location, interacting with a certain person or a recurring troublesome memory, for example. However, panic attacks can also happen for no obvious reason. In the majority of cases, panic attacks do an explanation that can be identified and resolved through Panic Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL.

Usually scary and unsettling, a panic attack can generate abrupt, severe dread and distress and can be also be physically intensive and overpowering. Panic attacks generally include some of the following sensations: trembling, shortness of breath, racing heartrate, pain in the chest, nausea, lightheadedness, fainting, racing thoughts, tunnel vision, distressing thoughts of death, restlessness, pacing back and forth and a feeling of being detached from one’s body.

Panic attacks are a fairly common issue for many people, with as many as 30 percent of adults experiencing at least one panic attack during their lifespan. Because the physical symptoms are so extreme, many people seek medical care believing they are actually having a heart attack.

Despite the fact that panic attacks appear to occur abruptly, it is possible to anticipate them. A person identified as having panic disorder, for instance, may go through attacks that are both anticipated and unanticipated.

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