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Telehealth Park Ridge IL

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Professional counseling offers many benefits to anyone struggling with mental health concerns and emotional difficulties. Without a doubt, therapy serves to improve symptoms of common mental health conditions. Research finds that the positive benefits of therapy last significantly longer than just medication alone. While medication helps reduce some symptoms, it’s therapy that teaches helpful tools for addressing those symptoms. Certainly, these useful skills endure after therapy concludes ends. Symptoms typically keep improving, which makes the need for more treatment less likely.

Telehealth Park Ridge IL – Without treatment, mental health problems tend to worsen and lead to more negative effects.

In addition, they may result in:

-Relationship difficulties.

-Inability to go to school or work.

-Difficulty with childcare.

-Higher risk of physical health problems.

-Greater risk of suicide or self-harm.

Bellosa Counseling offers therapy by video or phone with our professional, clinical therapists. To schedule Telehealth Park Ridge IL, contact us at 847-656-5259 or use our online contact form. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any the following:

-Overwhelming stress. Nonstop stress is often a sign that you can benefit from counseling. Whether the cause is relationship conflict, depression or something else, talking with a therapist will help.

-Fatigue. This is a physical symptom that frequently accompanies mental health concerns. Certainly, it may be a sign of depression.

-Consistently anxious. It’s common to worry about things now and then. However, when worrying impacts your ability to function you should consider professional counseling.

-Apathy. This is generally a loss of interest in your typical activities and the people around you. Ongoing apathy can be a sign of mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression.

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