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When a teen motorist is arrested in the state of Illinois for driving under the influence of alcohol, the court system will probably order the motorist to take a drug and alcohol evaluation. This evaluation determines the scope of the defendant’s alcohol or drug use and the consequent risk they may pose to the public. It also helps identify which kind of educational and Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL programs will be needed. The state requires that this risk evaluation must be completed before any type of driving permit can be issued. Bellosa Counseling is licensed by the state’s Department of Human Services to conduct alcohol and substance use evaluations for driver license reinstatements, including DUI evaluations.

Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge

Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge, IL

Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL ensures that you’ll receive the therapy you need and will help you to have your driver’s license reinstated. Bellosa Counseling provides risk education, outpatient alcohol abuse treatment aftercare and mental health counseling. For the convenience of our teen clients and their parents, we offer group meetings during evening hours. Our staff of experienced professional therapists are here to help you receive the evaluation that’s necessary for driver license reinstatement in Illinois or out of state DUI arrests.

Should you choose to receive an evaluation at our facility, we request that you bring the following:

  • * The notice of summary suspension from the arresting law enforcement official
  • * Your driving record from the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles
  • * Other tickets or materials that may be relevant to your case for reinstatement

Effective Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL

If you’re in need of an alcohol or drug evaluation for court purposes or because of possession charges, domestic violence charges, underage drinking or other circumstances, the staff at Bellosa Counseling can prepare your evaluation promptly. We also communicate with social services and probation authorities to ensure your evaluations are completed before your court date.

Once your risk evaluation is completed, you’ll be able to go on to one of our very beneficial programs for treatment of alcohol or substance abuse. Available in group or individual sessions, a therapist will offer direction and support along your journey to a healthier lifestyle. In Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL, you’ll learn to avoid triggers, get through cravings and make better choices.

What Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL Involves:

Because recovery is different for everyone, so is the interaction with our therapists. Typically, you’ll meet with your Bellosa alcohol counselor regularly during the first months of DUI recovery. Based upon your progress, the meetings may start to be less frequent.

Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL offers to:

  • * Supply useful information regarding alcoholism and talk about the process of recovery
  • * Make an organized and practical recovery strategy based on your individual situation
  • * Help discover any fundamental problems and triggers connected to your alcohol issues
  • * Provide regular assessments to track your progress
  • * Be supportive emotionally and motivate you through every stage of recovery

Bellosa Counseling – Professional Teen DUI Counseling Park Ridge IL

Getting a DUI can be a very difficult experience with long-lasting – and costly – consequences. However, it is very possible to recover, learn from the experience and make better lifestyle choices. If you are a teen that has received a DUI or have someone in your family who needs help with alcohol addiction, call our Park Ridge facility and get on the road to recovery! We’ll connect you with one of our experienced staff therapists who’ll be the best fit to treat your needs.