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Substance Abuse Park Ridge IL

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Addiction to drugs is also known as a substance use disorder. It’s a disease affecting the brain and, consequently, Substance abuse can result in the inability to manage the use of a drug or a medication. Substances that are considered drugs include alcohol, cannabis and nicotine. When someone has an addiction, he or she continues using the drug even though it causes harm.

Drug addiction can begin with infrequent use of recreational drugs in social settings. For some, they start using the drug more frequently. For other people, specifically with respect to opioids, addiction starts with prescription medications.

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Symptoms of drug addiction and related behavior includes:

  • -Continuing use of the drug despite the awareness it results in physical or personal problems.
  • -Taking actions to obtain the drug that you typically would not do. For example, actions like stealing or lying.
  • -Driving a motor vehicle or taking part in other activities while under the influence of a substance.
  • -Spending a lot of time obtaining, using or recovering from the drug.
  • -The inability to stop using the substance.
  • -Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal if you try to stop taking the drug.
  • -The feeling that you must take drug on a regular basis such as every day or multiple times per day.
  • -An overwhelming urge to take the drug. As a result, it blocks out other thoughts.
  • -The need to take more of the drug as time passes. Also, taking greater amounts for a longer time period.
  • -Consistently spending too much on a drug, even though you are not able to afford it.
  • -Not fulfilling obligations and employment duties. Reducing social or recreation activities on account of drug usage.

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