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Social Language Group Park Ridge

Social Language Group Park Ridge

Social skills can be viewed as the branch of language that we utilize for many different purposes such as greeting someone, asking a question, providing information or making a promise. We typically rely on practical language through rules in every day conversation, like introducing a topic, taking turns in a conversation, body language, being aware of personal space and the ability to alter our language and speech according to the present situation or who we are speaking with at the time.

While children or adolescents who are receiving individual therapy for speech and language are frequently referred for Social Language Group Park Ridge, it is not a requirement for a child or teen to receive individual therapy prior to attending a social language group at Bellosa Counseling.

Typically, Social Language Group Park Ridge involves a direct intervention for practical language abilities and social behaviors. Social scenarios and instructional games can be matched with useful therapy materials to target objectives in a motivational and relevant approach that children enjoy. Some of the topics that are addressed in a Social Language Group Park Ridge at our facilities may include:

  • *Basic rules for conversation, such as introducing and staying on a topic, eye contact, taking turns, asking questions and responding appropriately
  • *Interpreting and utilizing body language and respecting personal space
  • *Understanding idioms, metaphors and indirect, nonliteral language
  • *Identifying and solving problems
  • *Interpreting, expressing and managing emotions appropriately
  • *Developing empathy
  • *Understanding spoken and unspoken rules, location centered rules, rules during an emergency, etc.

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