When individuals have a drug addiction, they are experiencing a disease that will affect their brain and behavior. It results in someone not having the ability to control their use of medication as well as a legal or illegal drug. Nicotine, alcohol, marijuana and illegal substances are considered drugs. People who have an addiction will continue to use the drug and ignore any harm it could be causing them.

Increased Addiction

As a person’s addiction increases, they will require larger doses of the drug to reach the same level high. A person will struggle to go without the drug and need it to feel good. When someone attempts to stop using the drug, they experience physical withdrawal symptoms. At this point, a person will need an organized treatment program to deal with their addiction. They’ll also need the support of friend and family to overcome their addiction.



There are many types of behavior that could reveal a person has a drug addiction problem. An individual could believe they must use the drug regularly, as well as take an increased amount of the drug over shorter periods of time. They may think about the drug more than any other thing in their life. An individual may begin not to meet obligations and work responsibilities. They also begin reducing their time in social activities and choose to use their drug instead. Individuals may begin bad behavior like lying and stealing. It’s also possible for them to start engaging in risky behavior and fail at attempts to stop using the drug. A significant amount of their time is spent obtaining as well as using the drug and more.


Indications Drug Use

These are a variety indications of someone is using drugs that may be determined by the types of drugs being used. People could have red eyes, intense desire for different types of food during unusual times of the day. A person may have bad breath, serious dental problems, dry mouth, increased sense of sensory perception including taste, auditory and visual. There is a decrease in their reaction time, coordination and they struggle to remember or concentrate. A person under the influence of drugs could have paranoid thinking and experience anxiety. Over time they increasingly have less mental clarity, decreased performance at work as well as school. An individual will begin to neglect their appearance, start to have serious money problems and more.


Bath Salts, K2, And Spice

This involves two different groups of synthetic drugs. Synthetic cathinones as well as synthetic cannabinoids. Most states have made them illegal. These drugs provide effects on their users which are unpredictable as well as dangerous. The manufacture of these drugs involves no quality control and may contain unknown ingredients. An individual using K2 or Spice will spray it on a dried herb and then smoke it, or drink it as a herbal tea. These drugs are not natural but made from chemical compounds. They give the user a high resembling marijuana. They are considered a very unsafe alternative.



These drugs are often used when individuals want to boost their energy as well as when they’re looking for a good high. Others will use them to control their appetite, increase productivity at school or work as well as to lose weight and more. Stimulants include methylphenidate, amphetamine-dextroamphetamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and others.


Opioid Painkillers

These drugs are a narcotic synthetically manufactured or made from opium. This includes such painkilling drugs as methadone, oxycodone, heroin, morphine and more. The addiction to opioid painkillers is a significant problem, and it is increasing across the United States. Addiction to them can happen when people use them for an extended period of time. They will require prescriptions for drug substitutions when they participate in a drug treatment program.



These are often common items people can find around their home. These substances are household aerosol products, glue, cleaning fluids, correction fluid, gasoline, felt-tip marker fluid and more. These inhalants are extremely toxic. Individuals who use inhalants could suffer significant brain damage. In many cases, it could result in sudden death.



These include hypnotics as well as benzodiazepines. They are prescription medications considered central nervous system depressants. Individuals who use this drug are searching for a way to relax or switch off from the stress in their life. It can cause people to forget their feeling of stress and more. It can result in an individual slurring their speech, fall as well as experience dizziness and more.


Rehab Program

When an individual realizes they are not able to control their drug use, it is a time they speak with a friend, counselor or physician. Getting help early will significantly improve chances for a successful recovery. These people use a drug and know the harm it is causing them. An addict will realize they are engaging in unsafe behavior associated with obtaining or using their drug. They need professional help because they’ll experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug.


Emergency Help

A person may need to seek emergency help if they or someone they know has taken drugs and struggles to breathe or is having seizures. It’s possible they will experience changes in consciousness. These individuals may have pain or pressure in their chest or experience other types of psychological or physical reaction to the drug they have taken. This is the time to notify emergency services and get medical help.



Individuals dealing with a drug addiction usually deny they have a problem with drugs. They are often reluctant to get help. The loved ones of an addict can engage in something called an intervention. This is structured interaction with the person dealing with drug addiction. Its goal is to help them get the treatment they need to end their addiction. It is carefully planned and could involve family, friends as well as drug counseling experts and medical professionals.



One of the most effective ways to deal with drug abuse is to think about ways to prevent it from happening. Individuals need to be extra careful when prescribed a drug that has the potential for addiction. Physicians need to carefully monitor people who have prescriptions for this type of medication. With children and teenagers, it is important for parents to communicate about the dangers of misusing drugs. They also need to listen to what their children are telling them as well as be a good example. It’s important parents work on developing a trusting relationship with their children and more.


Avoiding Relapse

Treatment programs are often successful, but relapsing is always a concern. It’s important individuals stick with their treatment plan and be honest about their cravings. They also need to speak openly about what they’re experiencing. It’s also important they avoid situations where a drug of choice is easily available. Should someone accidentally relapse, they should immediately seek help.


Drug addiction can start innocently. It could be a recreational drug being offered in a social situation, a prescription not closely monitored and more. These are drugs that can easily take over a person’s life. There is always help available for drug addicts who seek it as well as a loved one trying to get help them help.