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Professional Counseling Park Ridge

An Overview of Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL

A process of self-discovery that helps people discover ways to deal with situations and challenges in their lives, Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL is an effective approach for depression, alcohol or substance addiction, stress, grief and relationship problems. At Bellosa Counseling, our trained therapists help our clients become more comfortable with themselves and develop useful skills that are the foundation for healthy functioning and relationships.

From the development of insight and improved self-awareness, Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL enables a better perspective of one’s own behavior and the emotions that can motivate them. The benefits of therapy often result in more self-confidence, productivity, improved communication between partners and better family interactions. There is no “right or wrong” time to seek counseling – people of any age and background can benefit from the experience!

At Bellosa Counseling, we provide Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL for the following:

Individual counseling is a course of treatment through which the client meets with one of our experienced therapists. In a caring and confidential setting, clients learn to investigate emotions and behaviors and identify areas of life they’d like to change. Counseling in a one-on-one environment also gives a better understanding of personal goals and how to achieve them in a healthy way.

Couples counseling. At Bellosa Counseling, our processes help couples understand each other and identify the behaviors that impact relationships. Our experienced counselors work with couples to create a plan that will build and strengthen balanced communication, boundaries, emotional closeness and trust. People in relationships might choose to seek counseling for any variety of reasons: from basic communication problems and disagreements in parenting techniques to infidelity and sexual dissatisfaction. Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL addresses many areas of a relationship. Communication is commonly the primary focus of relationship counseling. Experienced counselors know that among the first steps in improving a relationship is to help each partner learn to manage their emotions, remain calm and apply good communication skills.

Attaining Our Full Potential

Family counseling. The family unit is the essential foundation for attaining our full potential. At Bellosa Counseling, we know unhealthy dynamics can have a direct effect on how a family functions every day. We work with our clients to develop techniques for a flourishing family environment by working with family members and couples to cultivate change and development for the better.

LGBTQ Counseling. Bellosa Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL provides a welcoming environment with treatment customized to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. We recognize that there may be some in the LGBTQ community who may decide not to seek the benefit of Professional Counseling Park Ridge IL because of fear of prejudice or insensitivity. Our clients can be completely confident that every member of the Bellosa Counseling staff firmly believes in the dignity, privacy and self-worth of each client. Our counselors are committed to the mental health of the LGBTQ community.

Substance Abuse, Alcohol Addiction

Anyone who has ever struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is aware of how debilitating this disease can be. When a user accepts they can’t control their addiction alone, it’s time to seek the assistance available at Bellosa Counseling. Experienced counselors are a fundamental part of addiction therapy and their purpose in the treatment process is critical to recovery. At our practice, addiction counselors are ready to support you through the complete treatment process and develop an individualized plan for recovery and beyond. There are a variety of types of therapies available while you’re in treatment that can provide remarkable benefits – and empower you to keep your sobriety.

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