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Park Ridge Counseling

At Bellosa Counseling we apply a comprehensive approach to exploring the issues faced by our clients, typically beginning with a Park Ridge Counseling session in order to identify their challenges. Then we proceed to show them the most effective ways to manage those issues without anxiety or hesitation. It’s been clinically established that when people face their fears regularly without a negative result, anxiety and fears steadily decrease. This helps in adjusting the mindset of the patient organically and in restoring lost confidence. In extreme cases, we use the help of medications and helpful therapies that allow our patients to overcome the physical symptoms brought on by anxieties.

We offer professional Park Ridge Counseling for:

Anxiety and depression. Whether you are being affected by a social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder or other serious mental health concern, it calls for proactive healing treatments through Park Ridge Counseling. Our staff of therapists has helped patients of all ages successfully manage and overcome anxiety and depression.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). A condition that causes difficulty in social interactions and communication, autism is a lifelong condition. However, it can be managed successfully with educational and behavioral practices, medicines and professional therapy.

Group, Family and Couples Therapy. Human relationships can pass through many stages, and it’s not unusual for many relationships to have their share of difficult, demanding times. The resilience of a relationship is shown by how partners cope with those difficult times and how they’re able to make progress.

DUI Evaluations, Risk Education. Bellosa Counseling is licensed by the state of Illinois to perform alcohol and drug evaluations for the purpose of court and driver license reinstatements. Our staff of dedicated, experienced therapists can help you obtain a DUI or substance evaluation that’s required for reinstatement in Illinois or out of state arrests for DUI. If you have received denials and you’d like us to help you prepare for an evaluation, please call us at 847-656-5259. We’ve performed evaluations for numerous clients that helped them get their license back.

Bellosa Park Ridge Counseling

Park Ridge Counseling for individuals. Generally known as psychotherapy, individual therapy is meant to help people effectively cope with their emotional concerns, which can fluctuate considerably with respect to their intensity. Regardless of whether emotional difficulties originate from childhood or from other issues such as divorce, loss of someone close or substance abuse, our therapists are here to help recover mental health through Park Ridge Counseling.

Therapy for the LGBTQ community. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) community can face the challenges of mental health concerns just like other sectors of society. But, there is also the chance of added, possibly harmful issues due to prejudiced viewpoints. The therapy team at Bellosa Counseling are LGBTQ inclusive providers trained in effective counseling strategies particularly for those challenges. Some of the issues that can be treated through LGBTQ therapy sessions include coming out to family and friends, managing HIV/AIDS, family and partnership disputes, being prepared for marriage or parenthood and dealing with anxiety. Park Ridge Counseling is individualized and includes cognitive, behavioral and person-focused strategies

Recovery After Divorce

At Bellosa Counseling, the organized approach to couples therapy is based upon establishing sound lines of healthy communication between the spouses. Setting up short term and long term objectives where each partner is given a schedule of expectations to be met, successfully working towards helping the relationship. By making use of a neutral point of view, our therapists help set understanding in the relationship by defining the mistakes that cause conflict and harmful emotions, which in turn deepens the division.

If you’re ready to start the journey toward better relationships through Park Ridge Counseling, contact our practice today for a consultation at 630-656-5952.