Some people may be hesitant to seek Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL despite its many benefits. Some typical misconceptions sustain the myth that counseling is unpleasant or even a little scary. However, the facts we present on this page will demonstrate that counseling can be beneficial for anyone regardless of their age, background or family situation – and the experienced therapists at Bellosa Counseling are standing by with professional help.

Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL

Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL

False: Counseling is only appropriate for those who are suffering from a mental illness.
True: While it’s true that people who have significant mental illnesses work together with counselors to manage their symptoms, Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL is also an effective way for people of all walks of life to manage day-to-day problems ranging from relationship and divorce issues to alcohol and substance abuse or job transitions.

False: Friends, family and co-workers presume something is wrong with you if you seek Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL.
True: Bellosa counselors help people manage through many life situations and challenges – we welcome all clients! Our counselors present a nonjudgmental space where clients are encouraged to be open and straightforward about their personal situations. It’s that approach that helps our counselors gain a useful understanding of what is happening and how they can help.

False: Men aren’t good at communicating their emotions and won’t benefit from Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL
True: Men and women can both benefit from counseling, where they can learn valuable skills that enable them to successfully navigate through trying times, cope with the loss of a loved one or recover from addictive behavior.

Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL Authentic Problems

False: Mental health concerns are not “real” problems.
True: Mental health issues are in fact authentic problems. As many as 20 percent of Americans are struggling with mental health in some degree, while about 10 percent of young people have experienced depression. Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL professionals can resolve these very serious problems and help clients to obtain relief from issues that are impeding them in so many facets of daily life.

False: Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL offers a fast fix for all of your problems.
True: There aren’t any speedy solutions when it comes to treating and improving mental health. A comparison can be made with physical fitness in that it takes time, dedication and persistence to improve mental and emotional health – just like it does with physical conditioning.

Each individual who goes in Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL brings their own unique mindset, emotions and life experiences. There is no universal formula that applies to each patient that will indicate how much counseling they may require until they begin to show progress. By making the decision to enter counseling, you’re making the decision to learn about yourself, improve your decision-making practices and start the journey toward feeling better and enjoying healthier relationships. Essentially, Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL is an investment in you!

False: If people find out you are in counseling, you’ll be judged negatively.
True: Starting counseling demonstrates that you are ready to understand more about yourself and develop new ways to improve your life. It takes courage to take that first step and reach out to a counselor for help. Remember that mental health professionals have heard many life stories and view each with discretion and respect.

Mental Health Counseling Park Ridge IL can help you in multiple areas of your life: parenting, separations, divorce, alcohol and substance abuse, grief, financial strain and much more. Reach out to our facilities today and schedule a no-obligation consultation at 847-656-5259.