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Every family has its own particular problems and its own way of communicating with one another. Within family units, even if just one individual is having tough times or coping with emotional setbacks, it still has an impact on everyone else. When a family member is battling an addiction problem, for example, everyone around that person will also be suffering. It’s this dynamic of human relationships that makes Family Therapy Park Ridge IL so beneficial.

Family Therapy Park Ridge IL

Family Therapy Park Ridge, IL – Bellosa Counseling Services

Family Therapy Park Ridge IL is frequently used in coordination with treatment for an individual family member’s problem that is having an effect on the whole family – such as alcohol addiction, substance abuse, divorce or behavioral problems. As in any systems, many issues are connected. As an alternative to approaching problems exclusively on an individual basis, Family Therapy Park Ridge IL recognizes that individual, specific problems within the family unit impacts other members of the family too, so the best solution is to involve all members. The objective of Family Therapy Park Ridge IL is to fulfill the needs of all of the members of the family – because when the whole unit functions better each individual does better as well.

Family Therapy Park Ridge IL is beneficial for:

  • * Preparation for a divorce or for a remarriage
  • * Coping with the death of a loved one
  • * Dealing with mental illness, emotional or behavioral issues
  • * Helping family members to identify their weaknesses and strengths
  • * Develop new, better ways to communicate emotions, which leads to increased intimacy and a stronger family unit.
  • * Develop ways to overcome challenging issues
  • * Resolve problems and lack of communication between siblings and between parents and children
  • * Gain clearer outlook of how a healthy family functions and each individual’s role
  • * Open discussion of emotions concerning specific issues that the family faces

Family Therapy Park Ridge IL – Helping Families Fight Addictions

Research shows that most who have trouble with addiction to alcohol or substances began acting out as teens. At this stage in an individual’s life, the family unit is what serves as their foundation. Teens start experimenting for a variety of reasons – but many of those reasons are related to how they feel about what’s occurring with their family unit. This is an important aspect of Family Therapy Park Ridge IL and why it can be so beneficial.

In the same way a negative behavior effects a family unit, positive behaviors do too. For a struggling addict, their focus is to get and stay clean. But that can sometimes come at the expense of other family members who are feeling overlooked and expected to forget the damage that addiction causes. With Family Therapy Park Ridge IL, the whole family unit can heal. In addition to alcohol or substance abuses, there are other issues that influence family units in a negative manner and can result in dysfunction. The potential results of dysfunction in families can include:

  • * When some members of the family isolate themselves from the rest of the family unit
  • * Individuals within a family starting to doubt one another
  • * Certain members of the family being deceitful or keeping secrets from one another
  • * If some members of the family form alliances against other family members
  • * A single family member tries to take control of the whole situation

If your family is being affected by some of these issues, you are not alone – life has a way of challenging us all. Family Therapy Park Ridge IL can only make your family stronger. Contact Bellosa Counseling today for a consultation at 847-656-5259.