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The families that we are born into influence practically all aspects of our daily lives, from our very first to our final moments. Our family impacts who we are now and who we eventually become for the better and for the worse. We develop our daily habits, vocabulary, customs and the way in which we view and interact with the world around us largely from our familial influences. In addition, these early significant relationships impact how we interact in other personal relationships.

People who are born into healthy, functioning families are more likely to form healthy, positive relationships as they grow through life. On the other hand, people who are born into dysfunctional families are, naturally, more prone to struggle with forming other relationships.

Although it is certainly unfortunate to be born into a dysfunctional family with unhealthy behaviors, it is possible to improve the situation. Practically all families will cope with some type of dysfunction at some point.

Family Therapy Park Ridge IL provides families an effective way of resolving problems and forming a healthier bond.

While the benefits of attending therapy can differ from one family to the next, they generally include:

-Setting healthy, respectful boundaries.
-Improves communication abilities.
-Defines the roles of those in the family.
-Improves ability to address and resolve problems.
-Address dysfunctional behaviors.
-Improves family relationships and dynamics.
-Develops coping abilities for family members.
-Addresses dysfunction within relationships.
-Helps people who have issues relating to their mental health.

Families may find that attending therapy together can help with challenges like:

-Difficulty in communicating or in expressing their emotions to one another.
-Resolve sibling conflicts.
-Inconsistency in parenting.
-Communication problems between spouses.
-Coping with the loss of a loved one or a major illness.
-Adapt to a significant change such as divorce.