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Eating disorders typically develop when a person’s relationship with food spins out of control. It is a condition that can reveal itself in a number of different ways: some people simply eat too much and some do not eat enough, while others may struggle with the actual act of eating. Eating disorders usually occur when people develop problematic relationships with food or in the way they view their own bodies. They may try to manage their bodies by exercising, medication or dieting, while others may turn to food as a way to alleviate unpleasant emotions caused by a traumatic experience.

Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL

Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL

Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL is especially important because along with emotional distress, this type of disorder can also result in health issues. In extreme cases, they may even be life threatening.

Some of the most common disorders treatable with Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL are:

Binge eating. Recognized by excessive overeating. A person will ingest large amounts of food in a brief period of time. The person with this form of the disorder will often feel like they are unable to control what they eat or when to stop eating. Binge-eating episodes commonly occur at least once weekly. Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL can help establish a healthier relationship with food and eating patterns.

Bulimia nervosa. Involves a cycle of excessive overeating and purging. The binge eating will often be followed by feeling of guilt. Extreme measures to prevent weight gain from binging can also be a symptom. With the use of laxatives or vomiting, those with this form of eating disorder will attempt to eliminate food from their system.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder noticeable by severe food restriction. Similar to bulimia, anorexia consists of an intense fear of gaining weight – even if the person is very thin.

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. This is a serious condition where the individual does not eat a sufficient amount to fulfill basic, daily nourishment and energy requirements. Unlike anorexia, this form of disorder doesn’t typically involve an obsession with body weight. Rather, the person will often refuse to eat because they do not like the flavors, smell or texture of the food. A traumatic experience with choking or nausea can also in some cases lead to this condition that calls for Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL.

Pica. This a rare condition in which the sufferer eats substances that are not edible, such as dirt, clay, paper products, soap, chalk, or laundry detergent. The person may be compelled to ingest these substances because of the consistency or taste of it, or they may find the act of eating the substance to be comforting.

Rumination is the uncontrollable vomiting of food. After vomiting, the person may again chew and swallow it, or they might spit it out. These the symptoms do not generally occur as an element of a medical condition such as indigestion.

Extreme dieting. Not all food-related issues that can benefit from Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL fall neatly into a certain category. If behavior patterns cause stress and restrict day to day life, it may still qualify as an eating disorder. Many people are able to diet in a way that doesn’t harm their bodies. Some try to shed weight by decreasing calorie intake or staying away from particular foods. Others may diet to control a food allergy. But if a diet “goes too far,” it can jeopardize and harm their physical health.

Eating Disorder Counseling Park Ridge IL – call for help today. Eating disorders can be complex conditions that require professional, effective therapy – if you or a family member or friend is thinking about treatment call Bellosa Counseling at 847-656-5259.