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Counseling Park Ridge, IL – Bellosa Counseling

Effective Counseling Park Ridge IL offers many benefits for families and individuals who are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, autism, substance abuse and more. At Bellosa Counseling, our staff of experienced therapists have helped many people – of all ages and backgrounds – to better manage the challenges they face every day. To help provide a sense of what counseling is all about and its many benefits, here is some general information – to learn more and to schedule a consultation with us, call 847-656-5952.

Counseling Park Ridge IL is a collective effort between the therapist and the client. Trained therapists help clients to establish goals and possible answers to difficulties that are causing negative emotions and situations for themselves and their families. Our therapists seek to enhance positive communication and managing skills, reinforce self-esteem and promote behavior change for better mental health.

How much Counseling Park Ridge IL is needed?

Naturally, this varies with each client. Preferably, counseling ends when the issue that compelled the client to seek help in the first place becomes more controllable or gets resolved. However, some insurance providers and managed care plans might restrict the number of sessions for which they give coverage. Consult with your health insurance carrier to learn more about any restrictions in your coverage.

Individual Counseling Park Ridge IL

One-on-one counseling presents a personal opportunity to get support and experience positive growth during difficult times in life. Individual counseling may help the client cope with anger, depressive disorders, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, parenting problems, school troubles, job changes and more.

Couples Counseling

Just about every couple goes through changes in their relationship over time. This can vary from problems stemming from a stagnating marriage to expressions of hostile behavior patterns. Marriage or couples Counseling Park Ridge IL is very helpful toward resolving disputes and healing wounds. Couples counseling basically helps partners slow their downward spiral and restore practical expectations and objectives.

Family Counseling

This approach to counseling is frequently requested due to life changes or stressful situations that negatively impact the family structure. Family counseling may take a number of different forms. In some cases it is beneficial to see a whole family together for a number of sessions. Some of the issues often addressed in family counseling include parenting methods, sibling conflicts, death of a family member, new family structures due to divorce or remarriage, substance or alcohol use or moving to a new community.

Group Counseling

This setting permits clients to discover that they are not the only one struggling with emotional and mental health issues. To be included in a group of one’s peers who’re in a very similar place not only improves an understanding of the difficulties around the subject but also the wide range of possible solutions too. Generally, counseling groups center around a common subject such as anxiety, lack of self-esteem, separation and divorce, domestic violence, recovery from substance abuse or other emotional trauma.

Remember that every individual is unique and reacts to each type of Counseling Park Ridge IL in different ways. That’s why it is helpful to consider which counseling strategies will be the best fit for our clients. Each approach targets a set of certain issues, and at our initial consultation together we’ll talk about which issues are impacting you and your family and recommend which form of counseling will be right for you.

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