Complex Trauma Park Ridge IL

Complex Trauma Park Ridge IL

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Complex trauma typically describes children’s exposure to different traumatic events. Often these events are of an upsetting and invasive nature that has significant and lasting effects. For instance, the events may involve abuse and neglect. Generally they take place early on in life and may disrupt aspects of a child’s development. Because these events frequently occur with a caregiver, they interfere with a child’s capacity to form secure attachments. A child’s mental and physical development depend in many ways upon a reliable source of stability and security.

Some common effects of Complex Trauma Park Ridge IL are:

Attachment and Relationship Difficulties

There’s simply no overstating the significance of a child’s close relationships with their caregiver. Certainly, it’s through relationships with the important figures in their life that children establish trust with others. In addition, those relationships instruct them on how to regulate emotions and interact with their environment.

Physical Wellness

From infancy to adolescence, the body’s entire biology continues to develop. One’s environment partially determines normal, healthy biological functioning. In the event a child grows up feeling afraid or under continual stress, it takes a toll on their immune system. Consequently, their responses to stress might not develop in a healthy way. Later, as a child or adult experiences typical stress levels, they may react as though the stress is extreme. For instance, an individual might experience substantial physiological reactions like rapid breathing or a racing heart. Or, they may even “shut down” completely in stressful situations.

Responses to Emotion

After experiencing Complex Trauma Park Ridge IL, children frequently have difficulty expressing and managing their emotions. They may internalize reactions to stressful occurrences. As a result, there may be feelings of depression, anger and anxiousness.

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Counseling for Codependency – Complex Trauma

Do you seem to feed off of the neediness of other people? Do you devote much of your time and energy to your significant other? If so, you may be codependent. In cases of Codependency Park Ridge IL, one person depends on another for all of their esteem and emotional needs. Also, codependency describes relationships that permit another person to engage in irresponsible, destruction, addictive or underachieving behaviors. Your relationship may be a case of codependency if you spend too much energy meeting the needs of your partner. Or, perhaps you feel as though your relationship is a trap and only you make sacrifices to maintain it.

The term codependency is one that’s been part of the lexicon for quite some time, originally applying to spouses of alcoholics. However, research reveals that the signs of codependency are much more widespread than previously thought. Certainly, people growing up in a dysfunctional environment may become codependent.

Research also indicates that without treatment, symptoms of codependency can worsen. On the positive side, the treatment can help reverse the symptoms. These include:

-Poor self-esteem. The sense that you’re not “good enough” or continually comparing yourself with others are typical indicators of low self-esteem. The tricky aspect regarding self-esteem is that some may view themselves highly. However, it’s only a form of disguise. The person may in truth feel inadequate while underneath there’s a feeling of shame.

-Emotions of guilt and sense of perfectionism frequently go along with feelings of low self-esteem.

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-Too much “people-pleasing.” It’s normal to want to please other people we care about. But codependents will often feel as though they have no choice. They feel anxiety at the prospect of saying “no.” Without a doubt, codependents frequently have a difficult time saying “no” to most anyone. They will even sacrifice their own self-interest in order to accommodate others.

-Insufficient boundaries. Boundaries establish a kind of imaginary line in between yourself and others. It serves to divide up what is yours and what is someone else’s. Boundaries apply not just to the body, but also to feelings, belongings and needs.

In addition to professional help with the above issues, our staff also treats people coping with Trust Issues Park Ridge IL

Generally we can characterize trust issues as fears of abandonment, manipulation or betrayal. Many people will experience these emotions. For example, it may be a trouble placing trust in one’s significant other or caregiver. These often stem from a traumatic event. A few indicators of Trust Issues Park Ridge IL that could benefit from counseling include:

-Betrayal of your first assumption. For instance, perhaps you assume another person will betray your trust despite no reason to make that assumption. Or, you might simply expect betrayal regardless of how honest another person has been previously with you.

-Overly protective. You’re very protective of those close to you out of the fear they will eventually behave in a disloyal fashion.

-You place distance between yourself and others, avoiding any commitment. You make the decision that it’s best to place limits upon your relationships to avoid betrayal and abandonment. Regardless of how much you may care for another person, you will not commit yourself to the relationship.

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-You’re unforgiving of small mistakes, overreacting to minor occurrences or misunderstandings.

-You are too wary of others. With everyone you interact you are overly cautious and feel suspicious.

-Loneliness and depression. Your fears result in isolating yourself from other people, leading to depression.

Are you the adult child of an alcoholic? Did you grow up in an environment of addiction to alcohol or drugs? If so, you may want to consider treatment for Adult Children of Alcoholics Park Ridge IL at Bellosa Counseling.

Each individual’s experience in growing up around alcoholism varies. To that end, the following signs are general and do not apply to everyone. However, the following characteristics are quite common in Adult Children of Alcoholics Park Ridge IL:

-They exhibit more concern for others than their own well-being. In a household where alcoholism is a factor, children often assume parental roles and more responsibilities. For instance, they look after their siblings or provide care for one or both parents. This reversal of roles can continue on into adulthood. Adult Children of Alcoholics Park Ridge IL often prioritize the needs of others before their own.

-Difficulty completing projects from start to finish. It is often a challenge for adult children of alcoholics to finish what they begin. In an alcoholic environment, surviving uncertainty often supersedes learning useful problem solving.

-Trouble identifying gray areas in thinking and problem solving. All or nothing viewpoints are common with adult children of alcoholics. They tend to think in extremes and it’s difficulty for them to see gray areas. This thought pattern often stems from living in a state of tension and emotional stress.

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-Difficulty relaxing and simply enjoying themselves. Relaxing in a light-hearted atmosphere is typically not easy for those who grew up within an alcoholic environment. A lot of adult children of alcoholics did not form an ability to take part in fun activities. This is often the result of filling an adult role as a child. They might feel as they don’t deserve to feel enjoyment and continually sabotage their own efforts.