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Autism Park Ridge, IL Counseling

ASD is a lifelong condition that causes difficulty with social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. While it cannot be cured, ASD can be managed effectively with educational and behavioral interventions, medications and therapy.

At Bellosa Counseling, our professional therapists have successfully treated individuals and their families who have been impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder for more than 10 years. Our practice also specializes in treating people who struggle with anxiety and related symptoms. Our therapists develop customized treatment plans that incorporate principles from ABA (applied behavior analysis) and structured teaching methodologies in conjunction with counseling.

Bellosa Counseling currently offers individual and family counseling for Autism Park Ridge IL that includes support for parents and siblings. From preschoolers to adults and seniors, we work with every age group and background!

A Brief Look At Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) identifies a group of complicated neurodevelopmental disorders indicated by repetitive behavior patterns and difficulty with social interaction. The symptoms are typically present from childhood and impact everyday functioning.

“Spectrum” is a reference to a wide variety of symptoms, abilities and levels of disability in daily function that can appear in people with Autism Park Ridge IL. While in many cases kids and adults on the spectrum are completely capable with the basics activities of daily life, there are others who need considerable support and are not as independent. An analysis of ASD sometimes includes an evaluation of intellectual disabilities and difficulty with language. While ASD impacts all nationalities and socioeconomic levels in society, boys are far more likely to develop ASD than girls. Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that ASD occurs in approximately 1 in 68 children.

Common Signs of Autism (ASD)

Even as toddlers, kids with Autism Park Ridge IL might seem different, particularly when compared with other children in their own age group. They may become very focused on specific objects, seldom make eye contact and do not take part in standard communication with their parents and siblings. In some cases, children might show normal development patterns until the age of two or three, but then begin to withdraw and appear indifferent in social situations. The extent of ASD varies and is dependent upon the degree that lack of communication and repeated patterns of behavior impact day-to-day functioning.

Many people with Autism Park Ridge IL find that interacting in social settings is a challenge. The common back-and-forth dynamics of regular communication and interaction is often especially difficult. Children with autism may not reply to their names, avoid eye contact with others and only communicate when they want to attain distinct goals. Frequently kids with Autism Park Ridge IL don’t understand how to participate in play activities and instead would rather be alone. Difficulty understanding other people’s emotions or expressing their own is also a common symptom.

People with Autism Park Ridge IL may have different verbal capabilities which can range from not speaking at all to speech that may be fluent but is awkward and – in some social settings – inappropriate. Some kids with ASD may struggle with delayed verbal and language skills, repeat phrases often or give answers that are not related to questions. Additionally, those with ASD may have a difficult time understanding gestures, body language or tone of voice. For example, younger children with Autism Park Ridge IL may not comprehend the meaning of a simple gesture like waving goodbye. Another sign of autism is flat, monotone speech or an excessive focus on a few favorite subjects with no consideration for the viewpoint or interests of others.

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