Addiction Counseling Park Ridge Illinois

Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL

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Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

Because there are some misconceptions regarding addiction, it is sometimes misunderstood. Some may view it as a moral matter and that ending addiction is just a matter of will. However, science shows us that is not the case. Structural change within the user’s brain make recovery from addiction very challenging. Another misconception is that those who use alcohol or substances regularly are addicts.

In truth, addiction is far more complex. Some who use alcohol or substances are actually not addicted. Also, some who do have an addiction might not be physically reliant on alcohol or substances.

Addiction Counseling Park Ridge Illinois – 847-656-5259

Symptoms of Substance or Alcohol Use Disorders

The most apparent symptoms are the consistent, prolonged use or alcohol or drugs and the inability to cease. For example, when someone continues using alcohol despite the negative results it brings. These results can include conflicts in personal relations or the inability to fulfill obligations at a place of employment. Additionally, signs of addiction include financial strains that result from use of substance or alcohol. Continuing to use alcohol or drugs despite these consequences show that a person may have a dependence to the substances the use. Although, there are some who use frequently who would still not meet the standards of a substance use disorder.

Besides behavioral signs there are physical signs of addiction as well. For example, when one appears constantly fatigued, distracted or generally unwell. Indeed, addiction leads to declining physical health, which is obviously why Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL is so critical.

Addiction forms along with the passage of time. While an individual continues to ingest a substance, he or she becomes more dependent upon it. Some substances such as cocaine and heroin possess more addictive properties. People using these substances are typically at more risk of dependence occurring earlier. In this manner, a person’s choice to use and keep using increases their chance of addiction.

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