Addiction Counseling Near Me

Addiction Counseling Near Me

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Truly effective counseling is where the most essential and practical steps toward full recovery actually happens. While there is no miracle cure-all for addiction to drugs, alcohol and the abusive behavior choices it can lead to, the multiple benefits of Addiction Counseling Near Me at Bellosa Counseling in Park Ridge helps our clients overcome destructive habits and actions. With every Addiction Counseling Near Me appointment, clients learn how to apply the management practices that empower them to maintain sobriety and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Being addicted to drugs, alcohol or prescription meds is a tenacious disease that basically takes control over the addict’s brain function. This takes away the ability to keep control over their substance intake. It is a progressive disease that has serious symptoms and leads to consequences that affect each aspect of the addicted person’s life. If left untreated for too long, the results are too often deadly.

In some instances of alcohol and drug abuse, the addict still remains certain that there’s simply nothing wrong despite many clear signs that there is, definitely, something going wrong. To the family of an addict, the behavior shows no common sense since they’re seeing the power that drugs and alcohol
has over the addict. This commonly leads to negative emotions in families and relationships that may cause the addict to get increasingly isolated from their loved ones.

Lack of action serves to just prolong addictive behaviors and result in more difficulties. Addiction – whether the problem is drugs, alcohol or both – is a serious illness that calls for Addiction Counseling Near Me. It is the only way to attain real, lasting recovery and a life free of dependence.

Bellosa Counseling – Addiction Counseling Near Me

A brief review of just some of the serious medical problems that be caused by drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction would include:

Trouble concentrating, seizures, irreversible brain damage or irreversible damage to the body’s central nervous system, loss of hand-eye coordination, loss of memory, hallucinating, confused thoughts, higher risk of having a stroke, higher blood pressure, risk of a heart attack, vein collapse, slow or rapid respiration, risk of pneumonia, infected lungs and lung cancer, kidney and liver damage, hepatitis, insomnia, significant dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, recurring nausea, slurred
speech, stomach problems and many more.

In addition to these very unpleasant health problems, drug and alcohol addiction can also result in problems for the addict’s personal life due to abnormal behaviors. From legal troubles and problems at work to relationship and money problems, addiction can decimate the lives of not only the addict but also their friends, family and coworkers.

A few of the most commonly experienced symptoms of an individual who could likely benefit from Addiction Counseling Near Me at Bellosa Counseling in Park Ridge IL include:

A desire to consume drugs or drink alcohol even to perform basic tasks, quick to show anger or negative reactions in the event that drug or alcohol consumption is identified, being routinely late or not appearing for appointments, erratic behavior, withdrawal from social setting, sudden mood changes or dishonest behaviors to conceal their substance abuse.

If you are having a hard time coping with drugs or alcohol and searching for Addiction Counseling Near Me, reach out today to Bellosa Counseling and schedule a consultation. Our large staff of trained counseling experts are standing by and prepared to help you make that critical step toward getting well. Get in touch with our facilities in Park Ridge and get started toward Addiction Counseling Near Me that will make a new difference in your lifestyle at 847-656-5259.