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Video Sessions Park Ridge IL

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There are several different signs of possible alcohol abuse. While many of those signs are quite apparent, there are others that are not as obvious. Additionally, the severity of the abuse can play a part in the signs a person displays. For example, some individuals try to conceal their alcohol abuse by consuming alcohol in private. As a result, it makes it more challenging for friends and family to intervene and offer help.

Video Sessions Park Ridge IL

It is not uncommon to overlook some forms of mild abuse of alcohol. However, what may seem like a fairly minor problem can develop into something more dangerous. It’s important to not disregard these early signs of alcohol abuse. Obtaining treatment sooner instead of later will enable you to recover and start enjoying life again.

Although there is no universal formula for identifying if someone is struggling with alcohol, there are common symptoms. Also, one symptom may lead into others, which accelerates the overall problem.

Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse are:

-Experiencing short-term blackouts or loss of memory.

-Displaying signs of irritation or abrupt changes in mood.

-Making frequent excuses for consuming alcohol such as coping with stress or simply to relax.

-Choosing to drink alcohol rather than fulfilling other obligations.

-Becoming increasing isolated from family and friends.

-Consuming alcohol alone or concealing it.

-A feeling of being hungover even if you’re not drinking alcohol.

-A change in appearance or in the acquaintances you socialize with.

Even if a problem appears to be a relatively minor one, it’s important not to overlook signs of alcohol abuse. In the event that you or someone close to you is struggling with alcohol abuse, call Bellosa Counseling. Contact us online or by phone for Video Sessions Park Ridge IL.