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Children or adolescents who struggle with learning or paying attention in school can sometimes also have difficulty forming effective social skills. At Bellosa Counseling, Social Thinking Group Park Ridge therapy can help them acquire and practice these essential capabilities. The groups are typically small and include children who are within the same age range.

Social Thinking Group Park Ridge

Social Thinking Group Park Ridge

Some young people who have difficulty with learning and attention may not “pick up” on basic social interactions solely based on observation. If you’ve noticed that your child or adolescent struggles with social interactions, Social Thinking Group Park Ridge can help. Social communication includes more than the ability to verbally interact with others – they’re also critical for making friendships, succeeding at school and for gaining employment as an adult.

Social Thinking Group Park Ridge are generally small, led by a Bellosa therapist who instructs the group on ways to interact appropriately with the peers. They will learn useful problem solving abilities that help with maintaining conversations and developing friendships, in addition to learning how to manage emotions and understand others’ perspectives.

Benefits of Social Thinking Group Park Ridge at Bellosa Counseling

Through therapy at our facility, children and teens can acquire some essential communication skills that they can apply throughout their experience in school and later on as they enter the workforce such as:

  • *Greeting others
  • *Initiating conversations and replying to others
  • *Maintaining conversations and taking turns
  • *Asking for help

Social Thinking Group Park Ridge are very helpful for kids who are not developing social communication abilities as quickly as their peers may be. This can include kids with have attention deficit disorders who may become too active or physical in their interactions. It can also include those with nonverbal learning difficulties who have trouble understanding social cues such as body language and facial expressions.

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