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Social Communication Group Park Ridge

Social Communication Group Park Ridge

Social communication abilities generally refer to all of the skills needed when we utilize language to communicate with one another. Social Communication Group Park Ridge entails the following skills:

  • • The use of language for a variety of purposes like to supply information, ask a question, negotiate a purchase, make a suggestion, react to a question or to clarify something
  • • Understand implied meaning
  • • Conversational skills such as initiating and concluding conversations, sustaining a particular topic of conversation and taking turns in a discussion
  • • The ability to understanding both shared knowledge and to provide information so the listener can understand
  • • Understanding and applying nonverbal communication such as eye contact, facial expressions and gestures

Social Communication Group Park Ridge at Bellosa Counseling is an effective approach toward helping children and adolescents develop the useful skills that are needed for healthy social relationships as well as self-confidence through a focus on:

● Communication and social thinking
● Identifying and conveying emotions in an appropriate manner
● Learning & developing appropriate coping skills
● Forming and maintaining friendships
● Dealing effectively with anger, stress and frustration
● Problem solving and functioning skills

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