Family Counseling Park Ridge IL is designed to correct certain issues that impact the mental and emotional health of families. It can be applied as a principal form of therapy or as supporting therapy in conjunction with other treatments as well.

Family Counseling Park Ridge, IL

A Look At The Benefits of Family Counseling Park Ridge IL:

Families can be helped significantly by therapy at Bellosa Counseling when they encounter any stressful event which may place strain on family relationships – this could include economic hardship, separation and divorce or the loss of a loved one. Additionally, it can be beneficial in resolving mental health issues that affect the family unit overall, such as depression, drug and alcohol abuse, long-term illness or eating disorders. Communication difficulties, interpersonal disagreement, or behavior problems in children and teens can also be addressed.

Family Counseling Park Ridge IL seeks to develop understanding and cooperation among family members in order to resolve the problems of one or more individuals. For instance, if a child is experiencing interpersonal and educational difficulties, therapy will focus on the family patterns that could be contributing to why the child is “acting out.” As the family finds the origin of the problem, they can discover how to support the child and each other by decreasing or changing the conditions that bring about the child’s unhealthy conduct.

Do You Struggle With Communication?

Families influence who we are and who we become. We develop our language, our behaviors and how we view and observe the world based in large part on what we learn from our families. We also learn how to communicate with others from these first significant relationships. Those that are born into a healthy, well-adjusted family unit are likely to continue those positive habits with other relationships in their life too. Conversely, those born into a dysfunctional family that struggles with communication may be prone to carry those habits into other relationships.

While it’s certainly unfortunate to be born into a family that struggles with communication, it’s by no means a situation that cannot be improved. Almost all families cope with some form of dysfunction at some point or another, yet most retain or recover a general sense of togetherness. Family Counseling Park Ridge IL offers a way to work through challenging times and to maintain a healthy family unit that functions well.

What’s The Purpose of Family Counseling

Basically, the purpose of Family Counseling Park Ridge IL is to work collectively to mend any psychological or emotional problems that cause division and negative feelings. More generally, the goals of family counseling depend upon which problems are causing those negative, unhealthy emotions and behaviors. As an example, the goals of counseling vary based on conditions such as:

  • * If a family member suffers from a severe psychosis like schizophrenia. The goal in this case would be to assist other family members understand the disorder and adapt to the psychological changes that the afflicted may be experiencing.
  • * Conflict stemming from generational boundaries, such as if parents share a residence with grandparents, or if young children are being raised by their grandparents or other, older relatives who are not the biological parents. In this example, the aim of Family Counseling Park Ridge IL would be to increase communication and help each family member establish healthy boundaries.
  • * If one member of the family feels like an outcast or receives limited support from other family members, the objective is to develop understanding for that individual and give emotional support to them.
  • * In situations where the problem is rooted in other family members, it is helpful to address and try to resolve each of the issues.
  • * In blended families, the goal of Family Counseling Park Ridge IL is to improve understanding and encourage positive interactions.

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