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Addiction Counseling Park Ridge, IL

Effective Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL is where essential steps toward recovery take place. While there’s no miraculous “cure” for drug and alcohol abuse, the many benefits of our Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL services can help you triumph over the harmful habits and behaviors that are at the core of addiction and call for rehabilitation. With each counseling session, you’ll learn to apply the self-management skills that will empower you to keep your sobriety and conduct a healthy, constructive lifestyle.

Addiction to alcohol, drugs or prescription medications is a common, persistent disease that essentially takes over functioning of the addict’s brain, which removes the ability to control their intake of the damaging substances. It’s a progressive disease with severe symptoms and consequences that can impact all aspects of the addict’s life. If left without Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL, the results can be deadly.

Do You Remain Convinced?

The contradiction in some cases of alcohol and substance abuse is that the addict remains convinced that there’s nothing wrong regardless of multiple signs that there is, in fact, something wrong. To an addict’s loved ones, the condition defies reasoning and common sense because they are witnessing the power alcohol or drugs holds over the addict and irresponsible behavior it triggers. This typically leads to anger within families and relationships that can lead the addict to become isolated from the very people he or she needs the most.

Taking no action will only prolong the addictive behavior and lead to more problems. When it comes to addiction – regardless of whether it is to drugs or alcohol or both – the condition is a severe illness that needs professional Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL to achieve true recovery and a life free from chemical dependence.

A look at some of the significant medical consequences that can result from drug and alcohol addiction includes:

Trouble paying attention, loss of concentration, seizures, irreparable brain damage or damage to the central nervous system, diminished coordination, memory loss, hallucinations, confusion, risk of stroke, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, risk of heart attack, collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining, slowed or rapid breathing, pneumonia, lung infection, lung cancer, liver and kidney damage, risk of hepatitis, sleeplessness, oral health complications such as tooth decay, chronic nausea, convulsions,
impaired speech, stomach damage and more.

Besides the health-related consequences, alcohol and drug addiction may also lead to problems in an addict’s personal life in the form of abnormal behavior. From problems with the law or losing a job to relationship or financial problems, alcohol and drug addiction can wreck the lives of not just the individual who is suffering from the disease but their closest friends and family too.

Some of the most common symptoms of someone who could benefit from Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL are:

The need to use drugs or alcohol just to perform a routine task, quick to display anger or negative emotions if drug or alcohol use is identified, showing up consistently late or not showing up at all for appointments, volatile behavior, withdrawal from social gatherings, blacking out, rapid changes in moods and emotions, defending the use of drugs or alcohol or lying to conceal drug or alcohol use.

If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs contact Bellosa Counseling today for an initial consultation. We are ready to help you take that important next step toward recovery. The experienced therapists at Bellosa Counseling are aware of the critical role that Addiction Counseling Park Ridge IL serves in the journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Give us a call today and get started with professional help for you and your family at 847-656-5952.